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Art of Diversity






The intention that inspires Art of Diversity is that of helping individuals and organizations to translate their words and dreams into reality. 


This space was born from Nur Ferrante's passion for languages, translation and writing, and her abilities for project management and for inspiring others, with the aim of assisting people in awakening and developing their true gifts and potential. Her multicultural background, her public relations skills, and her studies in medical sciences, social sciences and the humanities, as well as her keen interest in neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, personal development techniques and spirituality make her a natural translator, adviser, communicator and liaison at multiple levels.


Translating words into reality


She has personally validated and translated a great quantity of texts in the fields of medical sciences, social sciences and humanities, such as medical instruments, scientific articles published in international scientific journals, literary works, philosophical works, and many more.  


Translating dreams into reality

Every project is a creation, it may be the creation of a product, of a solution for some need of society, a work of art, a self-creation, or a joint venture of co-creating with others, either way, it always requires a sense of confidence, team work, ability to grow beyond the comfort zone, adaptation, and innovation, all of them not always easily translatable from the dream or idea state into inspired actions and finally into the desired manifested reality.

Some projects are scientific endeavors that involve a team of researchers, a lot of enthusiasm, a high level of uncertainty, and undetected contradictions that need to be cleared up in order to succeed; others may be life projects that entail the identification and birthing of an intuited but not yet clear vocation into a thrilling, profitable and successful enterprise; and yet others may be artistic endeavors that struggle with self-sabotage and a lack of practical formulation in order to be shared with and appreciated by the audiences. Regardless of the intended project, the sharing of the process and the receiving of the assistance to tap into the inner and outer resources required to make the next leap is the gift of togetherness, while thinking independently together -diversely- in a perfect match of synergy and inspiration so that the intended desire may be allowed to happen and become a tangible reality.


Besides project management, Nur Ferrante provides Inspired Life-Project Consultation services, through tailored and ongoing support to inspire people in empowering themselves and finding their true calling, in getting unstuck from their creative flow, or in thinking clearly and finding solutions, for a "problem" is none other than a project needing readjustment and refocusing.


A dream needs to flow freely in order to be translated into reality!


She has accompanied, supported and helped inspire people from multiple backgrounds: such as scientists, healthcare professionals, patients, managers, university professors, school teachers and educators, students, philosophers, archaeologists, humanitarian aid workers, citizen platforms, artists (musicians, poets, novelists, painters, dancers, actors), fashion industry professionals, Olympic athletes, explorers, spiritual seekers, teenagers looking for their vocation, women in the ever changing phases of life's transitions, and many more.  


Uplifting others and seeing them grow into the wholeness of who they really are and wish to become is her vocation.    


Nur Ferrante and her outsourced partners at Art of Diversity are always working to improve and grow in order to offer clients the best service possible.






Founder and Director of Art of Diversity





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