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Nur Ferrante

Medicine & Humanities Linguistic Validation Consultant, Translator and Developer

Integrative Health Professional


Poet and artist

Welcome to my site!


ART OF DIVERSITY is my professional and personal space dedicated to the LINGUISTIC VALIDATION & TRANSLATION of Medical Sciences & Humanities texts and the HEALING WORDS


Art of Diversity was born from my passion for the medical sciences and humanities studies (mostly medical research, integrative medicine, health humanities, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, literature, art, and technology).


I am a professional linguist, poet and healthcare provider (I hold a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and in English philology and literature, a master’s degree in specialized translation and other university degrees in osteopathy and neurological physiotherapy). I have been working in medical translation and healthcare for over 20 years and specialize in linguistic validation (LV). I have worked in the field of LV for over 10 years for CROs and LSPs specialized in medical translation.


I see LV from “the other standpoint” as well because, besides being a healthcare provider (I have had my own private practice dedicated to osteopathy and integrative physiotherapy until 2020), I also experienced what it is to have a chronic health condition and I love LV because it has helped greatly in giving me a voice and in recognizing how I feel, function and live. Due to my health status I decided to close my private practice and focus on my healing. This situation led me to reinvent myself in many ways and to focus more keenly on LV and create other ways to continue being of value for supporting health and well-being to others by sharing my spirituality and artistic path through my poetry, writings, conversation and meditation practices.


For these reasons, it is one of my deepest desires to continue with this beautiful work in any way possible, and I highly appreciate and want to thank you for your interest in my services.


Besides translating, teaching and being of value to patients, I love writing poetry, novels and self-help books, working in Healing Words (my new space dedicated to spirituality, healing and arts), walking in nature, practicing meditation and spending time with my family.


In addition, I also offer technology services in partnership with other providers.


It is a great pleasure for me to be here with you, and I wish that I may be able to transmit to you the knowledge I have and provide you with my expertiese and experience with clarity, and in a way that may be most satisfying to you.


Thank you!

Care, experience, and creative thinking

Upcoming On-line Masterclass Linguistic Validation Course for Medical Translators - June 2024

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For more information related with the program of the course, pricing and dates, please, contact me. I will be happy to assist you. 

My Linguistic Validation & Translation services include:

Linguistic Validation Services

Linguistic Validation Consultancy for English to Spanish for Spain (EN-spaES). All LV stages, including patient recruitment, cognitive debriefing interviews, and clinician recruitment.

Linguistic Validation Courses for medical translators & healthcare providers, project managers and linguistic services providers. Private mentoring sessions and online training compliant with the FDA, ISPOR, the PRO Consortium, and EMA best practices.

LV Cognitive Debriefing Services (cognitive debriefing as a stand alone service).

Linguistic Validation Project

Coordination (project lead and linguistic management).

Linguistic Validation Service Development & Implementation (creation, development, and training for LV services implementation).

Linguistic Validation Service Consultancy & Support (audits for quality control, updates, and benchmarking).

I ensure up-to-date services and good practices as per ISPOR, FDA, PRO Consortium, and EMA guidelines. Clients, CROs and LSPs receive a caring and committed partnership.

Translation, Editing, Proofreading, and Transcreation Services








Medical Sciences & Humanities Translation EN/FR-ES; ES-EN

Technology Services








  • Consultancy
  • Technical reports
  • Technical translations

My personal Healing Words creative space icludes


Poetry and inspired well-being conversation

A trusting and sacred space where spiritual connection, art and healing flow and intertwine in a clear and soothing way through meditation, relaxations, inspiring poetry and coversation.

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