Nur Ferrante

 Freelance Medicine & Humanities Linguistic Validation Consultant, Translator and Developer


Integrative Medicine Practitioner


Working languages: English, Spanish, and French






Art of Diversity

Medicine & Humanities Linguistic Validation and Translations

Healing words




Art of Diversity was born from my passion for the medical sciences and humanities studies (mostly medical research, integrative medicine, health humanities, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, literature and art) as well as for languages, translating and writing.


I am a freelance Linguistic Validation Services provider with near 10 years of experience as a linguistic validation consultant, coordinator, and developer; and a healthcare professional and linguist with more than 20 years of experience in clinical practice, and medical translation services.


Medicine & Humanities Linguistic Validation and Translations


I have experience in the validation and translation of texts in the fields of medical sciences and humanities, such as medical questionnaires, medical clinical guidelines, articles published in international scientific journals, literary works, and philosophical works. 

  • Medical Sciences: I specialize in the linguistic validation and translation of medical questionnaires, clinical trials protocols and related documents, and other research and development medical tools and materials. I design and develop Linguistic Validation Services for implementation in LSPs; auditing for them on a regular basis for support, and to ensure up-to-date services and good practices as per ISPOR and FDA guidelines. LSPs receive a caring and committed partnership.
  • Humanities: I provide translations of academic articles and books in the fields of history, archeology, philosophy and linguistics as well as translations of literary, spiritual, and artistic works.

Healing words  

I have worked as an Integrative Healthcare Practitioner (Osteopath, Integrative Physical Therapist, Energy Medicine Healer, and Health Facilitator) for more than 20 years. I love inspiring health and accompanying people through their healing process, supporting and helping them find solutions for their conditions and attain a state of well-being and self-empowerment.

Through a process of Inspired Health & Well-being Conversation, and the intertwining of Integrative Medicine and Healing arts (such as the use of art therapy, energy medicine, psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology, meditation, stress-free practices, diet optimization, exercise, etc.) I provide services by means of on-line private therapy and facilitation sessions to anyone interested in healing and well-being from a body-mind-spirit holistic perspective.


At Art of Diversity I am always joyfully working to improve and grow in order to offer people my best self.


CV available on demand.