Nur Ferrante


Freelance Medicine & Humanities Linguistic Validation Consultant, Translator and Writer 


Healthcare provider and linguist









Art of Diversity

Medicine & Humanities Linguistic Validation and Translations

Healing words





Art of Diversity was born from my passion for medical sciences and humanities studies (mostly ancient history, philosophy and spirituality, literature and art) as well as for languages, translating and writing.


I have personally validated and translated a high quantity of texts in the fields of medical sciences and humanities, such as medical questionnaires, medical clinical guides, articles published in international scientific journals, literary works, philosophical works, and many more for over 16 years.  

  • Medical Sciences: I specialize in the translation of medical questionnaires, clinical trials, and other research and development medical tools and materials.
  • Humanities: I provide translations of academic articles and books in the fields of history, archeology, philosophy and linguistics as well as translations of literary, spiritual and artistic works 



At Art of Diversity I am always joyfully working to improve and grow in order to offer people my best self.


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