Look for the one who is missing - Poem from Inner Light by Nur Ferrante

In my newly born Healing Words space, poetry and medicine blend in a way that heals me and reminds me of the beauty and wisdom that only the soul may bring to the heart both in lovely and in difficult times. In the sharing and conversation between soul friends, we grow and sustain each other. This poem is especially for all those who are missing in our lives (even ourselves), who live silent and in a deep state of wordless despair, loneliness, regardless of being physically alone or accompanied. To those who are crushed by life in ways that we cannot even pronounce due to any kind of loss and for whom maybe poetry will bring some drops of kindness and embrace. Whoever you are, someone looks for you, has compassion and infinite love for you, knows you and will find you and hold you until you may realize that everything has always held you. Just as I was found and helped remember that when all is shattered, the ground under your feet, the wind, the dancing trees, even your own hands are already sustaining you and reminding you that you exist and of the impossibility of aloneness. A question that I walk with: What parts of me do I feel are missing that I don't even realize? Who is missing in my life and needs shelter and a loving presence? 




Look for the one who is missing

that muted voice holding the pain unuttered

ice bound somewhere

in time’s prison held.


The tearless

who bares the unbearable

who waits


who is the one missing inside you

who is the one missing in your presence

who is the one silenced.


The true meeting melts the ice

by being found

the frozen pearl emerges


in each other’s eyes.


Look for the one who is quiet

in the crash of being in-life

wounded beyond words

that only poetry may utter.


In despair silent

that only color and clay

music and the dancing waves

may express.


In grief suspended

that only kindness

as the arms of a mother

may embrace.



From Inner Light by Nur Ferrante (unpublished)


This poem is dedicated to David White and Thomas Hübl after having heard both of them in conversation.

I cannot express better than with poetry the gratitude and deep sense of belonging and love that I sense from both of you. Within me lives the poet and the mystic together, and this marriage gives meaning to the act of being alive. This conversation has opened me in ways that I could not have imagined, and I am grateful for having been seen, for having been looked for and found by Thomas and for receiving the letter of David from his mother at a time when Thomas’ mother just passed. I felt that it was my own mother saying to me what I have not been able to hear for 20 years. I really cannot express the meaning of such a gift but through mystic poetry. What you have inspired me with this conversation. With all my heart. To you.

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