Integrative Health Coaching - Inspired Health & Well-being Conversation

“The solution is each other, the simple notion of accompaniment, that we have to accompany each other to health” Mark Hyman.


I am happy to say that I've had the opportunity to accompany, support and help inspire people into health and well-being from multiple backgrounds: such as scientists, healthcare professionals, patients, managers, university professors, school teachers and educators, students, philosophers, archaeologists, humanitarian aid workers, citizen platforms, artists (musicians, poets, novelists, painters, dancers, actors), fashion industry professionals, Olympic athletes, explorers, spiritual seekers, teenagers looking for their vocation, women in the ever changing phases of life's transitions, and many more.  



Uplifting others and seeing them grow into the wholeness of who they really are and wish to become is my vocation.    


You will receive support, inspiration, committed partnership, and assistance to help you see clearly so that any barrier that may be blocking your way to healing, a confident sense of wellbeing or the fulfillment of your desires may be released.


Each person is unique, and I will adjust and adapt to your needs and style, delicately guiding you towards self-confidence, self-inspiration, and self-knowing so that your health may move forward freely and manifest moment by moment (at its own pace and steadily) in its full potential. 



Glad to assist you in your journey!

Heart-Brain coherence meditation practice: 20min, 0.1Hz - Healing Words (English Edition)