Research & Development Project Management

We offer you the skills of our high ability for public relations, harmonizing team members, inspiring, mediating, supporting, and aiming for the best outcomes through a creative, clear, and steady but flexible methodical organization, always from and ethical and best practices perspective.


Thanks to our multicultural background and experience working in international environments, we provide an added value for facilitating intercommunication between international team members, vendors, stakeholders, and clients. 







EMO-FUNDETT is a coordinate project funded by the Spanish Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (FFI2013-47792-C2-1-P). Its main area of research is found within the field of linguistic discourse-pragmatic studies. We take a functional perspective on language, and in particular,  we focus on the study of the emotive function of language and its relationship with the evaluative function, which was the main topic of the group’s previous project (FunDETT – Functions of Language. Evaluation in Different Text Types - FFI2009-7308). EMO-FUNDETT includes two projects: EMO-FUNDETT EMOTION and EMO-FUNDETT PERSUASION