Editing and Proofreading Services



A scientific paper has to be clear and precise in its communication.

Besides the more obvious proofreading of the text, orthography and general grammar, We offer a thorough revision of style and logical structure.


The style correction includes:

  • Semantical control of pronominal functions, redundancy reduction, subordinate sentence articulation and proper parallel constructions.
  • We emphasize the control of the logical structure of the articles and essays, offering alternatives to the writer in case of fuzzy argumentations.
  • We help to clarify in logical terms the conceptual structure of the text, but we never make corrections of content, for that prerogative belongs exclusively to the author. For recreations, please, see our Transcreation Services.







In the Editing service we offer you the best of our expertise for your text: 

  • Manuscript and Logical Editing


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The Proofreading service offers you:


  • Copy holding proofreading.




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